How to manage a project with Agile?
Is it that much better?
Who should I ask about it?



We are proud to be a certified Atlassian Expert. We’ve been using Atlassian products for almost 10 years now and with that experience we can help you install and run any Atlassian product for you, for example:

• JIRA Agile
• JIRA Service Desk
• JIRA Capture
• Confluence
• FishEye
• Crucible


Based on your needs we either find a solution or create one.
We are here to give you a complete solution to manage your future projects while

• being more effective
• using less paperwork
• dealing with scope changes
• and much more…



We Are Here for You

Dealing with projects can be hard. You often need a solution that covers your entire workflow so you can concentrate on your work. A solution that is customizable to fit your team’s personality. Yet who would want to do weeks of research to find a fitting solution?

We offer you a bundle of Atlassian products that let you plan your project from beginning to the very end.
First, allow us to start with a guess: you need JIRA Agile. We’ll set it up in no time and you’ll be adding story tickets, assigning them to your team members and watch your project being built.

Worktime in No Time

Forcing people to fill out timesheets is hard. What if we connect it to JIRA Agile’s story tickets? That would give you a fully filled out timesheet while they concentrate only on the stories themselves.

From Beginning till End

We should all sit down and admit it: JIRA Agile can be terrifyingly complex. If only there was a perspective we are all used to: something similar to an Excel spreadsheet. A view that lets you create stories, forecast project costs with a couple of clicks would be priceless.


Do you think we could deliver you what we promised above?
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