„I think it’s great you’ve implemented these things. I wish more companies would.”

Mike Cohn (Father of SCRUM methodology)

100% ROI IN 1 WEEK

Requirements gathering

Epic/Story/Subtask Editor Copy-Paste from Excel/Notepad Keyboard Support and Drag & Drop


Collecting estimations

Flexible estimation techniques 3 predictions for team velocity Velocity history from other projects


Scope/Time/Cost calculations

Project Finishing Date/Costs Feature Costs & Completion probability Ideal Team structure



Requirements gathering

Epic/Story/Sub-task editor

Edit the Whole Picture like in Excel Extremely fast Sub-task creation 2 different Epic representations


Import requirements from Excel/Notepad Re-structure and re-order your Epics/Stories/ Sub-tasks quickly

Keyboard and Drag & Drop

Keyboard our Mouse enthusiastic? Plangle respects your ways!

Collecting estimations

Flexible estimation

Do you have a favourite estimation technique not supported by JIRA Agile? We already support it, or will if you ask!

3 velocity predictions

Confident! Probably. Unexpected?

Velocity history

Velocity predictions backed by real data from your previous projects

Scope/Time/Cost calculations

Project finishing date / costs

When can you be ready and how much will it cost you eventually?

Feature costs & Completion probability

How much a Story will cost you? What will be ready for sure? Probably? Only if Google Guys come to your help?

Ideal team structure

Tips for how many backend/frontend/QA people you will need for optimal velocity

Bonus features

Automated Sprint planning

Speed up Sprint planning meetings with auto-filling your Sprint from Backlog

Full JIRA Agile integration

Your Board settings are respected by Plangle! Quick filters, estimation modes, we are aware all of them.

Want to know more?

Download the detailed feature list of Plangle. There is more in it than you think!


„I find myself using Plangle for everything.

The UI is so much more condensed and useful than the JIRA defaults that I do everything with it from logging work, completing tasks, tracking sprints, etc.

Thanks for making such a great add-on.”

Justin Galimore


100% ROI in 1 week

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